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I may seem big, but it's just a one man band!

About Octa

Based in Egham, Surrey. Octa was started with the idea to make start-up & small businesses look larger than they do. We do this through amazing Web Design and making sure your online presence is on point!

We see many web design agencies charging lots, for below-average websites that let down companies core values and public image through bad design choices. Your digital presence is your '21st century front-line' in gaining clients. A bad website will give you a bad impression. Even if your service is top notch.

We want to share our skills and knowledge with you to help make your company succeed!

Why choose us?

  • We won't scare you with huge prices.
  • You have a personal relation with us. You're more than just a number!
  • We give you the best advice for your website/social media, without thinking about our pockets first.
  • We are online full time, we don't just switch off after closing hours, allowing you to contact us when it suits or you need us.

Meet Octa


Kane Garland

Founder | Designer

I have been designing for 10+ years, during this time I worked for two award-winning Design Agencies, & as a freelancer. In my spare time I like to play video games, make a fuss of my cats, & spend quality time with my family.


Why the name Octa?

Octa started as a university venture Kane worked on for his final major project. Octa, is an interactive installation that involved projection mapping, which used Kinect sensors and body motion to trigger clips of animation, that projected onto a sculpture. This was formed from the shape of an Octagon - hence the name OCTA.

We wanted to let the creativity of Octa 'live on' through this agency.

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